Outwith Live : Lundin Calling

Lundin Calling are a five piece based in the picturesque Fife town of Lundin Links, who begin playing together in 2011 at a monthly jam session for musicians in the local pub.

It became clear early doors there was something very interesting in combining an ageing pub-rock band with lead instrument being the fiddle, and forming a band seemed the logical next step.

Since then Lundin Calling have practiced regularly and gigged sporadically. For the last four they’ve headlined the hugely successful annual New Year’s day shindig at The Crusoe Hotel in Lower Largo. And, alongside Aye Hobos they took to the stage recently in Crossgates in a fundraiser for Maia Mouse Foundation.

With their extensive setlist of well-known rock standards played with just a hint of folk styling, Lundin Calling are a unique band on the Fife circuit.


She Sells Sanctuary


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