Outwith Live : Faramach

Faramach the band was “born” in October 2014 when one of the teachers at Woodmill High School felt there was a passion in the school for Celtic Music. The Faramach name itself was suggested by a first year pupil in the school. As part of their first year course they had to do a project on Celtic Music, and part of this was to come up with a name for a Celtic Rock band. From over 200 suggestions “Faramach” was decided as the best (it means Noise Making in Gaelic).

Although they are a young band, Faramach have already developed a strong team ethic. They range in age from 14 to 17 and they rock. While a couple of them have played Celtic style before, the majority hadn’t experienced traditional music before this band.

There has recently been a change of focus in the curriculum towards “Scottishness” and, when coupled with an undeniable wider social awareness of national identity, this created an environment where the Scottish Arts could flourish.

The high standard of natural musicianship at Woodmill has been cultured and developed by the excellent teaching and parental support fed this surge in cultural pride and Faramach was created.

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