Outwith Live : Dropkick Duo

With two very talented writers and singers within their ranks Dropkick are blessed with a rich seam of songs with which to entertain. Stepping out from the band environment to perform as a duo allows Andrew Taylor and Al Shields to showcase, no only the band material and skills gained from countless shows, but also songs written for solo projects.

In June 2107, Dropkick songwriter, frontman and producer, Andrew Taylor, released his first solo album via Rock Indiana Records. The album, ‘From the Outside Looking In’, features 10 new songs written, recorded and performed by Andrew at the band’s rehearsal studio last year. The album is available to be streamed or downloaded via Amazon, Itunes, Google play, Spotify, Apple music and other online retailers and as a CD from Dropkick’s online shop.

Al Shields has fully embraced the Americana genre, writing, recording and touring his country-flavoured solo album ‘Slow Burner’. Upon the album’s release, Scottish arts website Edinburgh Spotlight noted: “With titles like Travelling Man and Had A Little Lovin’, you get the sense Al would be more at home in some dustbowl diner in the mid-west rather than a grand ballroom in the east end of Edinburgh.”.
Releasing his EP ‘Mountains’, in 2016 and Fire On Holy Ground in 2018 Al says that “Johnny Cash was always a big influence for me” he says, “and my Mum loved Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. That’s really where my sound and songwriting style came from. American music always resonated with me more. The imagery used in American folk and country holds more romanticism for me. Highways and dusty old railroads might seem clichéd at times but that imagery has always appealed to me in songs”.

So any duo outings for Andrew and Al will treat listeners to not some really top notch songs from the canon of Dropkick and solo cuts from both Andrew and Al

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