Cutting Edge Theatre: Prepare to be INSPIRED

INSPIRE is for people of all ages who face different challenges in life. We believe in helping to change lives for the better and making sure that everyone is given the opportunity to live their life to its fullest potential. Using drama as a tool, we strive to help individuals build confidence, self-esteem and improve vocal and social skills.
Everything we do is designed to help participants integrate more into society and enjoy life! We love celebrating all their different abilities and no matter what their needs are, whether a mild learning challenge or more profound and complex needs – they are welcome to INSPIRE! 
We are delighted to share with you an evening of INSPIRE- We don’t usually do performances but the group have decided on this very special occasion that they would like to take the next step in their journey to greater confidence, vocal and movement ability. An evening to celebrate a group of truly inspirational people. 
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