Ulrika Kjeldsen

Ulrika was born and grew up on the Aland Islands, a Swedish speaking autonomous region in Finland. At seventeen she was fortunate enough to get accepted to United World College Red Cross Nordic, an international high school on the West coast of Norway. This diverse environment sparked an interest in her to seek out an English speaking place where she could study Art. It was Scotland’s history, hills and honest people which attracted her to apply to art schools here. Through the freedom of experimentation in the Fine Art course, at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, she started working in sculpture. Making what she could from what she had, she gained knowledge through the process of making. “The process of making is important to me. Showing respect to the material one works with, and to take the time to learn skills well, represents a central part of my practice. Currently, I am focusing on bronze casting and welding. I think metal is a magical material, so strong yet so malleable; how it can bend and be shaped, cut and welded, or completely melted and recast into something new.” says Ulrika. Ulrika graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone with a first class honours degree in June 2017. She hopes to stay in Scotland, which has become a second home to her. This is where she wants to develop her art practice further.