The Complainers

If you’re going to be a tribute or covers band then you can do no wrong in selecting as your inspiration Craig and Charlie Reid and this is exactly what The Complainers have done. Based out of Charlestown, Fife not South Carolina there can be no doubt at all that this band have so much fun whilst on stage that they bring to mind not only, and obviously, The Proclaimers but also the likes of The Pogues. We can begin to take ourselves all too seriously in the music business and The Complainers just take a different approach. That is not to say that they are less than professional, quite the reverse but they remind us just to get out there and boogie the night away to some great sing-a- long songs straight out of a raucous hot sweaty barroom club. Catch them at The Canmore during the Outwith Festival and sing your hearts out at the top of your lungs. You’ll not be disappointed.

The Complainers Im On My Way