A pupil support teacher, an architectural technician, a restaurant manager, a maths prodigy and a guy whose occupation has to remain classified, walk into a rehearsal room...sounds like the start of a bad joke your drunken uncle would tell at your auntie’s wedding, fortunately it’s not. OSKAR BRAVES are a 5 piece band from Kingdom of Fife whose paths crossed whilst slugging it out in previous bands as teenagers who dreamed of being the next Arctic Monkeys. But as time progresses, so do people’s preferences and ambitions. They got together in 2016, not because they are all into the same music, but because they aren’t. The hotpot of influences allows OSKAR BRAVES to produce sounds like no other. Bored of the Brit-Pop revival which seems to be dominating the scene, OSKAR BRAVES have no desire to revive anything but to start a fresh take on guitar music. With this in mind, it allows them to create music freely without trying to pigeonhole themselves into a specific genre. With pedal boards the size of dining tables, you would be fooled to think there were a 10 piece band on stage. You’ll ask yourself more than once if a guitar really did make that sound or if there is a keys player hiding behind the amps (there isn’t. We aren’t that big yet). Dov’s unique powerful vocal will be ringing in your ears long after you’ve left the gig (meant in the non creepiest way possible), complimented by the powerhouse drumming of a young maths whiz. OSKAR BRAVES write music that they would listen to. That doesn’t mean you’ll like it but at least they do. OSKAR BRAVES have supported Catfish and the Bottlemen, Blossoms, Embrace,Judas and Prides to name a few.